While the real estate market has proven to be a dependable and profitable source of investment opportunities, today’s changing economic conditions have made investing wisely in real estate even more imperative. Here at Velocity, we pride in researching investment opportunities thoroughly, exercising due diligence, and constantly keeping our fingers on the pulse of the market by analyzing significant market condition statistics. We are proud to offer our investment services to you, and we would love to discuss possible real estate investment opportunities with you at any time!


We will provide you with a brief consultation and review the benefits of owning investment real estate. We will also cover the services that Velocity Real Estate and Investments can offer.

Portfolio Review

We will then review your financial position and determine current and future financial goals:

  • Retirement
  • College fund
  • Annuity stream
  • Income

We will help you determine if you have the resources required to purchase and maintain the property.

Property Value, Type, and Location

After the portfolio review, we will then determine the type and value of a property that will meet your goals:

  • Single-family home
  • Duplex
  • Multi-family unit

We will also determine the best geographical location based on the property type and value.

Locate Matching Properties

Our team will help you locate high-quality properties meeting your specifications. We will also help you determine up-front expenses concerning feasibility and marketability.

Property Analysis

Velocity will provide you with a full in-depth financial analysis, including monthly cash flow and various return on investment ratios (ROI/IRR). This allows you to clearly examine the benefits associated with the selected properties.

Purchasing the Property

Once the right property is selected, we will work to ensure a smooth transaction from the initial contract to closing. If needed, we can set up full management with our management company, Premier Property and Asset Management Inc.