1. Calculate what your homeowners insurance costs and terminate your policy on the closing date. Any over-payments on your premium will be calculated and refunded by your insurance provider.
  2. Notify the following applicable companies of your sale in order for accounts to be closed and/or transferred accordingly:
    • Gas supplier
    • Electric supplier
    • Telephone provider
    • Internet and/or cable provider
    • Postal service
    • Security/alarm service
    • Trash service
    • Newspaper
    • Any other service providers you utilize
  3. Bring your driver’s license or another valid form of photo identification to the closing.
  4. Plan for the closing to take at least one hour.
  5. Collect any instruction booklets, warranty information, and documentation for appliances, mechanical equipment, and home improvements, and leave them in a prominent place for the new owner.
  6. Bring receipts for any agreed-upon repairs you made during the negotiation process.
  7. The property must be ready and clear of all personal property in order for the buyer to move in after the closing. Remove all of your belongings and leave the property in broom-clean condition. The new owner will greatly appreciate it!
  8. Bring all keys and garage door openers to the closing, as they will become the possessions of the new owner.