Landscaping can be one of your primary marketing tools when you’re attempting to sell your home. Making a good first impression is important, and if your home’s curb appeal is high, the chances of selling at your designated price is impressively increased. Please enjoy the following tips!


  1. Mow diagonally and edge your lawn along driveways, sidewalks, and planting beds.
  2. Transplant tulips and daffodils or buy flowers in containers to spruce up the scene with splashes of color.
  3. Place a welcome mat out for cleaning shoes and an umbrella in the entryway.


  1. Keep your lawn maintained.
  2. Make your landscape feel like an exterior room. Clear your patio of debris and use outdoor furniture to make your backyard space feel like an inviting oasis. If you’re having an open house, consider placing an aluminum bucket of ice full of bottled water near the door to make buyers feel more at home.


  1. Stay on top of raking, raking, and more raking!
  2. Celebrate the season. Add a fall wreath to the front door or place a few pumpkins around your front entryway to welcome potential homebuyers.


  1. Keep snow and ice at bay. Keep all walkways and driveways clear. If buyers can’t make it to the home easily, it won’t sell!
  2. Take advantage of natural light during showings.
  3. Play up seasonal scents.
  4. Put your lights on timers. You can’t be home all the time and you want your home to look warm and welcoming whenever prospective buyers drive past.
  5. Prune deciduous shrubs and trees.